What Games Come Out With The Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is gonna be amazing, and we put together a list of some of the coolest titles that will be coming out as soon as it releases on March 3rd, 2017. If you’re wondering what games come out with the Nintendo Switch, we cover all of the games below.

If you don’t know, the Nintendo Switch is a Nintendo next gen console that combines portable gaming and also gaming on your T.V.

This Nintendo next gen console takes everything that Nintendo has brought to video games, and combines it all into one.

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*Update* The Nintendo Switch is out, and It’s Awesome!

Below are 5 titles that you can play today!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Right off the bat, as they should, Nintendo is releasing a brand-new Zelda. The footage they have released for this game looks incredible. In classic Zelda style, the game is again set to be an open map/hack slash/item finding/dungeon clearing/ ball of fun. This game is set to release as soon as the Nintendo switch drops on March 3rd. This is one of the main titles that Nintendo is seriously hyping.


The controls look very similar to Zelda: Windwaker. They do have some extra controls that utilize the motion sensor in the Joy-Con as well. (You can move around your controller to look around in your Scope to survey things) One of the coolest new controls we have seen- You can snowboard on your shield in snowy areas.


The new Zelda is gigantic. You will get a horse that helps you traverse this huge and beautiful map. There are different climates in each area- Snow, Desert, Jungles, and Forests are all going to be seen in this extremely large world map filled with all sorts of items and weapons.


True to Zelda form, there are dungeons and bosses for each area. You can rest assured that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will have awesomely fun, engaging, and challenging bosses. Pictured below is the Stone Talus, one of the first bosses in the Breath of the Wild.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks incredible, and is one of the games we are seriously excited/ready for. Bosses, items, and rupees are gonna be flying all over the place, and we can’t wait.

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild (Amazon)

Super Bomber Man R

It’s a brand-new throwback on March 3 when the Nintendo Switch releases, because they are releasing a brand new, redesigned Bomber Man. Super Bomber Man R takes everything that you loved about the original bomber man and looks to improve on all of it.

Game Play-

Super Bomber Man R is going to be a top down view, except this time there are incredibly crisp graphics. The gameplay is virtually the same- drop bombs to kill enemies, and don’t blow yourself up.

New Features of Super Bomber Man R-

Super Bomber Man R has brand new mechanics, such as jumping, multiple areas per level, multiplayer, and even bosses!


You can play up to eight players simultaneously if you connect enough Nintendo switches, and there are over 50 levels to explore. Super Bomber Man R will also feature voice actors to add more depth to the gameplay.

Super Bomber Man R (Amazon)

Skylanders: Imaginator’s

Another huge title that’s going to be dropping on March 3 is Skylanders: Imaginator’s. This is a sequel in the extremely popular Skylander series, and they are completely expanding on the popular platform.

New Options-

Skylanders Imaginator’s is going to give players many more options to create their own sky Landers with infinite possibilities to create characters with whatever power ability or catchphrase that you decide. This enables the game to be played many times over with different characters and powers.

Store Your Skylanders On Your Nintendo Switch-

Another thing they are hyping, is the fact that you can store and load your own Sky Landers toys without the power portal. This allows you to take your characters with you on the go and of course, you can connect to your friends and play against them if they have their own Nintendo Switch.

Skylanders: Imaginators (Amazon)

One, Two, Switch!-

One, Two, Switch! is another multiplayer game that looks to be really fun for a party setting. This game is a collection of Mini-games for you and up to 8 friends to enjoy.

This is the party game to rule them all-

One, Two, Switch features games such as Wild West shootout, where you “draw” the Joy-Con on your opponent in a duel. Other examples of the party games this game offers would be: Who can answer the phone quicker, sword fights, and air guitar duels. You can play all of these and many more mini-games in this super fun looking party game. One, Two, Switch! will be available the day the Nintendo Switch drops.

Order One, Two, Switch (Amazon)

Just Dance 2017

Just Dance 2017 is another popular party game that is guaranteed to make you and your friends laugh for hours at each other’s crazy moves. For those of you who don’t know Just Dance is a series that has you dance and move your motion sensor controller to the music. (On The Nintendo Switch you’ll use the Joy-Con)

What it comes with-

Just dance 2017 comes with 40 tracks, five-game modes, and updated content all year long. Some popular artists include Justin Bieber, Sean Paul, and Major Lazer.

Another cool thing about Just Dance is they have Just Dance: Unlimited which is a catalog of over 200 songs. With a new copy of the Nintendo Switch version of Just Dance 2017, you get a free Three Month subscription to Just Dance: Unlimited!

Order Just Dance 2017 (Amazon)

Final Thoughts on what games come out with the Nintendo Switch

These are just 5 titles that will be available on March 3rd, 2017, the day the Nintendo Switch releases. This is a pretty great start for the Switch, which we have super high hopes for.

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The Nintendo Switch Is Gonna Be Awesome!
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