15 Dank Memes of the Month (August 2017)

This is super depressing to write, but summer is almost over.

August is the final true month of summer, and we had to make absolutely sure that August’s memes were choice.

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Now, without further adieu-

Here is our list of 15 Dank Memes for August 2017


#1. Issa Trap!

August 2017 Memes

Don’t ask whats in my cup either

Everybody loves Star Wars memes.

This ORIGINAL CONTENT (you heard me) was submitted by artist Kashy.

Kashy expresses himself through various mediums, including but not limited to: Music, Videos, Graphics, Production, and more.

This guy is definitely talented, and we wanted to make sure we gave a shout out to thank him for the meme. (Check Out Kashy’s Official Website)

#2. Newtons Law Does Not Apply Because: Physics

August 2017 Memes

Ingenious if you ask me.


#3. Fine, Mom, GAW!

August 2017 Memes

Little did Jacob realize that horticulture would grow to be one of his fondest pasttimes.

#4. Illusion: Level 100

August 2017 Memes

This is actually a true story, and it’s awesome.

#5. Share This Before The Government Removes These Shocking Images!


Milkboarding is inhumane unless its chocolate milk.

Horrifying pictures of Milkboarding in government facilities.

Fake News won’t show these SHOCKING images-  Like Us On Facebook for REAL pictures that are REALLY photoshopped/inaccurate.

#6: We felt bad for laughing so hard at this one. Dogs just want to be loved.

Sad Doggo

Why dont you love me at all times

PLOT TWIST: Instead of sticking the fork in the socket, doggo starts shanking other dog with fork.

#7: I can’t even..

Evolution of Gunpowder

Have an awesome, life altering technology? ‘Merica will weaponize it.

#8: Official Photographic Proof Flat Earth Exists.

Flat Earth Eclipse

Its a photo so you know its real.

#9: Narrated by: Morgan Freeman

…and he was never heard from again…

#10: Problem Solved.

A 3 year olds decision tree

This is how you should solve any problem or negative feeling.

Just bury it in a closet. Problem Solving 101.

#11: Pure Joy

I AM this guy..

This is me showing my girlfriend stats on Google: “Hey look, someone read my meme post!”

#12: *Spider Sense Tingling*

Something’s fishy about this room…

It was about that time I got suspicious…

#13: When you finally do a science project that advances scientific research

Now we can know for sure how high is TOO high

Nailed it.

#14: Savagry 101


#15: When you ARE Dad jokes.

*drops mic*

There you have it kids, the choicest, most dank August memes we could muster up.

Thanks for reading our 15 Dank Memes for August!

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