35 Dank Memes of the Month (October 2017) | Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Here are Halloween memes and other stuff.

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Basketball Memes

#1: Missplaced Concern

#2: ..And Halloween was never the same


#3: Nailed it.

“Good enough”

#4: …WHAT?!

The face gets funnier every time.

#5: “E” for everybody.

#6: Classic

#7: Winner.

#8: A Fart: Imagined

#9: Quick Thinking


#10: Alternate Reality


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#11: Yeah right.

Every time.

I deliver pizza.

This is me and every dog scoping each other out when I come up to the door.

#12: Perfect Logic

Nerd Burn

#13: Really, Jeff?

WTF Jeff

This has my vote for the best meme of October 2017.

#14: Look at all these knives I found in the river!

Nothing is free.

#15: Seems legit.

That’s like a three inch gap

Just toenail it. One of my life mottos.

#16: iPhone X

Greg AKA “O.G. KING SAVAGE” circa. 1429 A.D.

#17: It’s Beautiful…

That screen is gonna burn out tho.

#18: Because you deserve it!

You good Ma? Need ketchup? Cool. I’m gonna go look at memes.

#19: “No worries brah, I double checked your gear myself.”

Ever almost died?

The freakiest part?

They took the picture instead of fixing it first.

#20: Doggo do good?

Nailed it

A lesson in “how to straight up own that shit.”

#21: An in-depth walkthrough on how to end cyber bullying once and for all!

All better. 🙂

Go skateboard or something and find value in your life beyond a computer.

#22: Oldie but Goodie

XD dead.

#24: Elmo is displeased.

Strapped up with the radishes and cabbages.

#25: I just want the second picture…

#26: I lied, one more Halloween Meme.


#27: No time to open a dictionary, publish it for the masses!

The very first frog pitcher.

#28: One of my favorite storytellers of all time.

When you wrote the dictionary and can’t nobody tell you NOTHING about no dwarves.

#29: This is the ORIGINAL Green Power Ranger ICYDK

A Green Power Ranger on a Kawasaki Ninja. Boom.

#30: Nice Pants. Bad Business.

You would think for a billionaire he would know you can’t make money that way.

#31: Rare Pepes

It’s the best.

#32: Winner.

#33: Suggested Search Results. Welcome to the future.

#34: Old but great.


#35: Sorry about that last meme…

Ok we’re done now with this one.

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Basketball Memes


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