Every Cards Against Humanity Expansion (Official and Unofficial)

A List Of Cards Against Humanity Expansions

I think you can agree with me when I say, Cards Against Humanity is one of the best card games of all time.

But what is the best Cards Against Humanity Expansion?

Here’s the deal:

This game is one of the best selling games on Amazon for 3 years, and there are a TON of expansions for CAH. There are Military Expansions, Political Expansions, hell, there’s even a Kink expansion.

Below is every  single Cards Against Humanity Expansion on the internet! (Official and Unofficial)

All of these expansions have a 4 Star Customer Review Average from Amazon or higher.

What’s the bottom line?

After  months of research, and over 50 rewrites, we’ve finally managed to gather a list of every single Cards Against Humanity Expansion. (Both Official and Unofficial)

This list has over 50 Games!



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