Did You Feed The Dog?

This “Did You Feed The Dog” checker is ingenious.

Have you ever wanted something to help you remember to feed the dog? Look no further. This is basically a dog has been fed sign, but much more upgraded. There are individual tabs for each day of the week, and AM/PM tabs for a twice a day diet.

Did you feed the dog checker for a twice daily fed diet.

My girlfriend and I live together, and we’re basically on opposite sleep schedules. I sleep in till about 11 o’clock every day, then I go to bed at like two or three. I usually go to work between two and five which is right around the time that the dogs might need to be fed. She and I are both grown adults, and even we have issues remembering if the dogs have been fed.

We have two dogs, and like all dogs they love to eat. They will eat anything you put in front of them. Doesn’t matter, they will finish it.

Even if its the 4th serving of the day, my dogs will eat like Scooby-Doo.


Like we said, this did you feed the dog checker is ingenious. (Amazon, $9.95)

Why you want a Did You Feed The Dog Checker

It used to be kind of funny when the dogs over ate, but now it’s a serious health issue seeing as they are getting older. With this awesome checker I can make sure that the pups don’t get overfed, stay on a consistent diet, and make sure that everything is good and they don’t over eat.

All you need to do is flip the AM tab when you feed them in the morning, and flip the PM tab when you feed them in the evening. There are tabs for each day of the week, making it super easy to keep track of your pups diet.

Many people get these to help teach their kids responsibility about feeding the dog.

It’s hard enough for adults to remember, this is perfect for all ages to make sure that the dog has a healthy consistent diet.

Now no one has an excuse for Fido to not be fed. No more dyftd texts either. (Did you feed the dog) The did you feed the dog reminder has an average 4 star customer satisfaction rating from customers. (Amazon, $9.95)

For under $20, the Did You Feed the Dog Checker is totally worth the purchase. 4/5 verified buyers agree. Check out our other items that are ingenious!

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