Funny Donald Trump Gag Gifts (Toilet Paper and More)

Seeing as Donald Trump is now our president, we at allthecoolest decided to make a list of the funniest Donald Trump gag gifts Amazon has.

These political gag gifts are GAURANTEED to piss off at least one of your facebook friends.


Fun fact: Toilet Paper was made in 1857 by Joseph Gayetty, In 2017 they print toilet paper with Donald Trumps face on it.

Funny Donald Trump gag gifts-

Donald Trump Toilet Paper

This toilet paper is meant to do exactly what you think its meant to do.

The pursed lips make this toilet paper even better. It’s like he’s puckering up for you. Clean your lovely bits with Donald Trump toilet paper on Amazon for $7.

Donald Trump Gag Gift toilet paper

Donald Trump toilet paper

Donald Trump Toilet Paper Roller

Since you’ve got Mr. Big League himself on your toilet paper, you might as well get a Donald Trump toilet paper roll too, because it talks to you in Donald’s actual voice. This hilarious DT toilet roll talker has 8 different funny quotes.

“We will have so much winning when I am President, that you may get bored with winning.”

-Actual  Quote From the Donald Trump Toilet Roll Talker (Amazon, $15)

Donald Trump Gag Gift Toilet Roll Talker

Donald Trump Toilet Roll Talker

Donald Trump Talking Pen

Maybe a pen with different sayings is more your style. This way you can carry the Don with you wherever you go in case you need these encouraging words-

“Our leaders are stupid, Our politicians are stupid.”

-Actual quote from Donald Trump Talking Pen (Amazon, $15)


donald trump Gag Gift talking pen

Donald Trump Talking Pen

Donald Trump Pencil Holder

Sometimes you need a place to hold your pen or pencil. Might as well use Donald’s a–hole. For $15, this Donald Trump pencil holder is surprisingly high quality! (5/5 Stars on Amazon)

Donald Trump Gag Gift Pencil Holder

Donald Trump Pencil Holder

Donald Trump Wig

This costume-quality hairpiece works perfectly as a gag gift, and for $20 you really can’t go wrong.

All of your friends will instantly recognize you as… “The Donald.”


donald trump gag gift wig

Donald Trump Wig

 Humanity Hates Trump

Cards Against Humanity (see our review) is one of the best selling and most popular games on Amazon today.

It only makes sense there would be a Trump edition. Check out Humanity Hates Trump on Amazon.

Humanity Hates Donald Trump Gag Gift Card Game

Donald Trump Magic 8 Ball

Did you want to know your future? Hopefully its yuge.

Donald Trump Magic 8 Ball will let you know all of the secrets to life’s mysteries.

Donald Trump Gag Gift Magic 8 Ball

Donald Trump Magic 8 Ball

Here is a short  biography on Donald Trump, With much added snark from the author.

How old is Donald Trump?
  • Donald Trump was born on June 14th, 1946. This would make him 70 years old at the time of this article.
How many children does Donald Trump have?

The Don has 5 children.

He has 2 Daughters

  • Ivanka (34) and Tiffany (22).

And 3 sons

  • Eric (32), Donald Jr.(38), and Barron (10)
What is Donald Trumps net worth?

According to public records, he is worth an estimated 4.5 BILLION dollars.

That could buy quite a few toupees.

This topic is also debatable. We all know that Donald Trump won’t disclose his tax information, so there really is no way of knowing.

Donald Trump Bankruptcies

Mr. Trump has claimed bankruptcy, not once, not twice, but on FOUR separate occasions in his various endeavors.

Now that’s a man we can trust with our financial well being.

Multiple reports have been filed that he does not pay back his debts, and many small businesses have gone on record saying that he specifically employs lawyers to fight the ensuing lawsuits.

Donald Trump’s hair-

How could a bio of the Donald be complete without mentioning his beautiful golden locks?

As proven on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon recently, his hair is somewhat real.

It might not be human hair, but it sure is attached to his head. 😀

I suppose with a 4.5 Billion Dollar net worth, you can afford a pretty good hair transplant.

Donald Trump gag gifts are probably the best thing you could spend your hard earned money on. We still have to deal with him for a few years, but at least we can wipe our posteriors with his likeness.

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