Eton American Red Cross Hand Crank Radio

This hand crank radio from Eton is great to have in a pinch when it really hits the fan.
This radio can be hand cranked in order to recharge the battery, making it a perfect addition to any emergency kit that you may have put together in your house. Honestly, a radio with a battery that you never have to pay to recharge is brilliantly perfect for a lot of reasons. (You can also use AAA Batteries as well.)
Aside from the hand crank, there are small solar panels along the top of the handle that help supply extra charge during a sunny day.
The Eton American Red Cross Hand Crank Radio of course receives both AM and FM signals. There is a built in alert function that interrupts regular radio with emergency weather broadcasts.
Not only can you manually recharge the battery on your Eton FRX3, but you can manually recharge your phone as well! There is a USB port that charges your phone with this radio. (2600 mAh) Endless possibilities are running through our mind for a hand crank portable phone charger.

Average Customer Rating On Amazon- “★★★★”

There have been almost 1000 customer reviews on Amazon for this hand crank radio, and this product has a four star average customer satisfaction rating. People enjoy them camping, as an emergency back up, and of course, in bug out bags.

Eton American Red Cross Hand Crank Radio Review Recap

  • Receives AM/FM (digital radio)
  • “Alert” function that broadcasts emergency weather alerts
  • Hand turbine and solar power for recharging on the fly
  • USB smartphone charge with 2600 mAh

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