Fwoosh Cat – The New Theory Behind Who Hacked The Election

Who hacked the election? Was the election hacked? Where did Hillary Clintons emails go? Will Donald Trump ever show his tax returns?

Everyone wants to know the answer to these questions, and finding credible sources can be hard.

We wanted to know for ourselves who hacked the elections, and if the elections were really even hacked. After searching through the deepest corners of the internet, we’ve come to a conclusion.

It is our official political stance to conclude that the entity behind the election hackings is none other than…

Fwoosh Cat.

Who hacked the election? Fwoosh Cat

Fwoosh Cat is a meme that coincidentally ūüėČ originated in Russia. This mystical wizard cat has other worldy powers, and can use its magic to influence the world as #fwooshcat deems fit.

What is Fwoosh Cat

All #fwooshcat needs to do is Fwoosh his wand, and his influence in the world is felt. “Fwoosh” is the sound effect of his magical wand waving. Fwoosh Cat is niether good or bad, and can use his magical powers to¬†change things how he likes.

Real talk this is a meme post.

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#fwooshcat gave the Don his tiny hands.

Who hacked Hillary Clintons’ Emails? #fwooshcat

#fwooshcat , at it again.

Why won’t Donald Trump show his tax returns? #fwooshcat deleted them too.

Snarky Well Wishes

Here is a good example of original Fwoosh Cat memes.



#fwooshcat hacked the election. Please fact check  on http://www.snopes.com

*Ok at this point id like to add that this article is satirical

We made a blank meme so you can caption your own Fwoosh Cat!

Caption This!

Make sure to share it on our facebook wall and hashtag #fwooshcat


Well now you know exactly probably maybe who hacked the election. #fwooshcat





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