Giant Coffee Cup

A giant coffee cup, for all your caffeine dependency needs.


I love coffee, and its even better in a giant coffee cup.
These claim to be the worlds largest coffee cups.
I have not personally checked the validity of this statement, but I can assure you that these cup of joe would satisfy your coffee cravings to the fullest.

Please do not drink this entire cup of coffee.

 On the other hand, Grandma didn’t raise no quitters.  5/5 doctors recommend that two of these cups a day will give you caffeine dependency issues.worlds largest coffee cup
If you feel the overwhelming need to have this mug, you can find it here on Amazon. I’m fairly certain the man in this picture is about to tear into his second cup.
Let’s be honest, this giant coffee cup is probably better suited to being a giant coffee cup prop in a stage play or something of the sort.  We’ve also seen the idea to fill it with dirt and make it a giant coffee cup planter.
This is kind of a gag coffee mug, and we totally understand. If you’re looking for more funny mugs, you can attempt our Try Not To Laugh coffee mug challenge. We bet you a cup of coffee you will laugh.  Or maybe superhero mugs is more your thing. Either way we’ve got you covered.


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