15 Best Selling Luxury Items on Amazon in 2017

Luxury items have always interested the wealthy, but just what items do the rich spend their fortunes on?

All of these luxury items have at least 4 out of 5 stars from verified purchases on Amazon, and are unbelievably expensive.

We made a list of 15 of the most expensive and best selling luxury items on Amazon in 2017
Keeping the luxurious definition in mind, we made a list of broad categories to find luxury items in-

  • Cologne and Perfume
  • Home Entertainment
  • Luxury Beauty Products
  • Home Furnishings
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Alcohol
  • Luxurious Toys

After over a month of researching, we finally compiled a list of the most expensive and best selling Amazon luxury items of 2017!

These items define luxury.

Featured Luxury Brands on this List:


#15- Natura Bisse’ Diamond Extreme Skin Serum

This luxury beauty skin product is $355 for a 1.7 oz jar.

Natura Bisse’ Diamond Extreme must do the trick, because 5/5 consumers are in love with this award winning skin serum. (Awards: 2014 – Art Bodega Beauty Awards, 2015 – Red List Beauty Awards 2015.) Even at $355 a jar, consumers agree that the most expensive luxury beauty product on Amazon is worth it.


Natura Bisse' Diamond Extreme skin serum is the most expensive beauty product on Amazon

Natura Bisse’ Diamond Extreme Skin Serum

Benefits of Natura Bisse’ Diamond Extreme Skin Creme-

What Natura Bisse’ Says-

“An ingenious formula that triggers your skin’s own defense mechanisms in order to repair your skin, protect it from harmful aggressors and fight any sign of skin aging.”

What Customers Say-

Miracle in a bottle without needles. Crazy expensive but worth it to me!

Even Sisley, a much more expensive brand, doesn’t work as good as this one. Very creamy, lasts for a long time, almost no smell, pretty packaging.

This luxury skin creme must be how the famous stay so beautiful, because even with a higher price point, Diamond Extreme has 5/5 stars.

#14- Creed Green Irish Tweed Mens Luxury Cologne

Seeing as its the most expensive Men’s cologne on Amazon, this result somewhat surprised us. For just 500 dollars you can get the most expensive mens fragrance that Amazon has to offer. (A smaller, 2.5 oz version is even available for $139.99)

Creed Green Irish Tweed Parfum is incredibly well received by people who buy; verified consumers on Amazon have given this product 4.5/5 stars.

*4/4/18 Update*- If you are looking for more Luxury Cologne, check out our list of 2018’s Best Selling Luxury Cologne on Amazon.


Creed Green Irish Tweed men's cologne is the most expensive cologne on Amazon

Creed Green Irish Tweed Men’s Cologne


*Sniff*… Smells like money.

#13- Jean-Patou Parfum Women’s Luxury Perfume

Jean-Patou Parfum is the most popular luxury women’s perfume on Amazon. As far as Women’s fragrances go, and especially at $1,800 a bottle, a 4 out of 5 star rating from verified purchases is ridiculously impressive (especially when this bottle only contains 1 Fl. Oz!)

Even though this perfume costs more than gold does per ounce, customer reviews on Amazon are still happy.


Jean Patou Women's Parfum is the most expensive women's perfume on Amazon.

Jean Patou Women’s Parfum

#12- White Champagne Diamond Luxury Cufflinks

I can already envision struggling with the urge to introduce myself as James Bond wearing these white champagne diamond cufflinks.

I also picture myself casually checking my luxury watch (you’ll see the one I’m talking about later) and blinding innocent bystanders with my white champagne diamond cufflinks.

These beautiful $3,765 links are the most expensive cufflinks on Amazon, and basically define luxury.

Since this article was written, this item has sold out.


These 1.67 ct. Diamond Cufflinks are the most expensive cufflinks on Amazon.

1.67 ct. White Champagne Diamond Cufflinks


#11- Handcrafted Silver and Teakwood Luxury Throne

Bring me my Mountain Dew whilst I sit upon my throne.

This beautiful luxury chair is completely handcrafted out of teakwood. Expert woodworkers hand-carve baroque-style designs throughout the headrest, arms, and legs of the throne.

Each piece of teak is then clad in 99.99% Silver, legitimately making it a chair fit for a king or queen.

You can expect to lounge in your throne in about 6-8 weeks, as each throne is custom ordered to your specific tastes. This is the most expensive luxury chair on Amazon.


This handcrafted silver clad throne is the most expensive chair on Amazon.

Handcrafted Silver Clad Throne

#10- Madison Avenue Luxury Fur Coat

Since you’re already spending $1800 on perfume, why not get a genuine fur coat too?

This Women’s Madison Avenue fur coat is the most expensive article of clothing on Amazon.

Quite honestly in comparison the price is low next to the mink fur coat Bergdorf Goodman offers.

4.5 out of 5 customers that purchase these luxurious furs are ecstatic. Every good woman deserves to have a beautiful fur coat. Check out more reviews on Amazon.


This Madison Avenue Women's Fur Coat is the most expensive piece of clothing on Amazon

Madison Avenue Women’s Fur Coat


#9- Krug Vintage 2002 Champagne

Want to pop bottles like a boss?

Amazon Wine has a few various vintage wines for sale, and this bottle of Krug is insanely priced.

The most expensive bottle of alcohol on Amazon that we found is a Vintage 2002 bottle of Krug which you can pick up for the low price of just $6,345. (4/5 stars!)


This bottle of 2002 Krug Champagne is the most expensive bottle of alcohol on Amazon.

2002 Krug Champagne

#8- Inflatable 22 Foot Tall Tropical Waterpark

Who needs to go to the waterpark when you can buy one for your backyard? For $6,600, they give you everything but the water. It comes with 2 blowers to keep it inflated, and fits up to 4 adults.

This waterpark is 22 feet tall!

Your kids, and all of their friends will remember this forever if it shows up one day inflated in the backyard. (Plus, when you aren’t using it, you could rent it out to your chump neighbor for a few hundred dollars)

This inflatable waterpark is the most expensive toy on Amazon.


This 22 Ft. Tall Giant Inflatable Waterpark is the most expensive toy on Amazon

22 Ft. Tall Inflatable Waterpark

#7- MSI Titan SLI-212 Pro Extreme Gaming Laptop

The MSI Titan Pro Extreme Laptop is the mother of all laptops.

This $8,200 gaming laptop will handle any size resolution game you can throw at it. The MSI Titan Pro Extreme is some of most serious gaming hardware available, and the hardcore gamers who have purchased it agree that it was worth every penny. (5/5 Stars!)  This is the best selling and most expensive laptop on Amazon that we could find.


#6- Womens Luxury Graduated Round Cut Diamond Tennis Necklace

Looking for the most luxurious diamond necklace on Amazon?

For a mere $16,584 you can sport this graduated diamond tennis necklace. It would go perfectly with your luxury fur coat from Madison Avenue, and super high class Jean-Patou perfume. This stunning necklace features 12 carats of beautifully round-cut  diamonds, and is sure to turn heads wherever you wear them.


This women's 12 Ct. diamond necklace is the most expensive necklace on Amazon

Women’s 12 Ct. Diamond Necklace


Verified Reviews, Photos, and More Information On Amazon


These last 5 valuables are by far the most expensive luxury items on Amazon.

#5- NEC 98″ 4K Ultra LED TV

Bet you’d like to watch the game on this one. We would.

98 Inches is enormous.

This is an 8 ft. long 4K Ultra HD LED TV, that projects in crystal clear high definition. That’s like hanging Shaquille o’Neal on your wall.


This 8 Foot tv is the best selling and most expensive tv on Amazon

NEC 98″ 4K HD TV

#4- Lladro Niagara Luxury Designer Chandelier

Instantly transform any space into the most elegant room in the house with this gorgeous designer chandelier from Lladro Niagara.

Each of those butterflies is genuine crystal, by the way.

Nothing says luxurious like a 6 foot chandelier.

This Lladro Niagara Crystal Chandelier is the most expensive home furnishing on Amazon

Lladro Niagara Crystal Chandelier

Verified Reviews, Photos, and More Information On Amazon

#3- Jaeger LeCoultre Atmos 566- by Marc Newson; Baccarat Crystal Blue Dial Box

I would have a hard time letting this gorgeous dial box from Marc Newson sit on my side table for fear of it falling. This piece is absolutely gorgeous.

From what we could find, this designer dial box is the most expensive clock on Amazon.

This Jaeger LeCoultere Atmos 566 Baccarat Crystal Blue Dial Box is the most expensive clock on Amazon.

Jaeger LeCoultere Atmos 566 Baccarat Crystal Blue Dial Box

Verified Reviews, Photos, and More Information On Amazon

#2- Mens Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon 41 Extra Thin Rose Gold Luxury Watch

We came across several watches that were in the $100,000+ range, but none of those compared to the amount of sales that this watch has.
This $122,000 watch has 126 verified purchases! Not only that, but the Audemars Piguet Royal Tourbillon is rated 4 out of 5 stars by consumers. Based on this, we deem that this watch is the best-selling most expensive watch on Amazon.
4 out of 5 people that bought this luxurious handcrafted watch are delighted that they purchased this $122,000 luxury watch.

This Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon Rose Gold watch is the most expensive watch on Amazon.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon Rose Gold Watch

Verified Reviews, Photos, and More Information On Amazon

Honorable mentions-

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Self Winding Watch- $249,000

While this watch is much more expensive, it only has 37 verified purchases and a lower rating of 3/5 stars. Check out pictures and full details here.

#1- Hand Knotted Qingming Traditional Silk Tapestry

It might be cheating to put a handcrafted unique item as the most expensive best selling item on Amazon, but we think you’ll understand why.

This Yilong Traditional handwoven tapestry took 12 weavers 18 months to create. (Also, 1 verified purchase of a second tapestry rated the quality 5/5 stars)

This Qingming Traditional Handwoven Silk Tapestry is the most expensive item on Amazon.

Qingming Traditional Handwoven Silk Tapestry

$200,000 almost seems a little under priced when you think about it. ($200,000 / 12 people = $16,666 dollars per weaver. When you realize it took each weaver combined 18 months to create, the price becomes more and more reasonable.)

Plus, wow is it beautiful.

The tapestry is roughly 27 ft. long, and 2.5 feet tall. The pictures we were able to show here really don’t do the craftsmanship justice. We strongly suggest you check out the pictures on Amazon so you can zoom in and see all of the fine detail.

Verified Reviews, Photos, and More Information On Amazon

So maybe you’re wondering how we found the most luxurious luxury items on Amazon?

Its our job to know this stuff, so we decided to find out what luxury items on Amazon the ultra wealthy frequently buy.

*Hops on Amazon and does a quick search*

Good Lord.

The first search result for “expensive” was a $40,000 commercial office printer.


We needed to narrow down some results, so we made some guidelines for our searches.

Guideline #1- Has to be luxurious

Luxurious definition: extremely comfortable, elegant, or enjoyable, especially in a way that involves great expense:

Ok. Elegant and Enjoyable. So NOT commercial office printers.

We started finding more and more products that were super expensive, but most of these products had no sales (go figure)

This brought us to our next guideline-

Guideline #2- Has to have a verified purchase on Amazon

You wouldn’t believe some of the junk people are selling for ridiculous amounts. (Actually, scratch that, you probably would.)

We took extra care to make sure that all of these luxury items are 100% legit, with real verified customer purchases to back that up. These are items that are bought regularly, and customers who bought them are more than happy with these luxury brands.

These luxury items all have at least 4 out of 5 stars from verified purchases!

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