Top 10 Mens Halloween Costumes 2016

We’ve gathered the Top 10 Mens Halloween Costumes 2016

October is almost here, and Halloween is coming. Have you made your costume plans yet?

This is the post from 2016, check out our 2017 Halloween Costumes!

These costumes all have very high customer reviews on Amazon. Some are cheesy, others are hilarious. Each costume is work appropriate, which is also a plus. You can find out specific information on each costume by clicking the Amazon link below each picture. The best part about ordering a costume from Amazon is that you don’t have to go anywhere. We’ve done the research and you can’t go wrong with any of these.

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#10: Men’s Banana Costume-

Why would you want to dress up as a banana for Halloween?

Because this is America, and you can.

Mens Banana Costume




#9: Men’s Penguin Costume-

Its a proven fact that penguins are loved by everyone.

Mens Penguin Costume

Mens Penguin Costume










#8: Men’s Ted Costume-

We really see only positive outcomes for dressing up as a teddy bear for Halloween.

Mens Ted Costume


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