Top 10 Couples Halloween Costumes 2016

We’ve gathered the Top 10 Couples Halloween Costumes of 2016

All of these couples Halloween costumes have high reviews. Some are cheesy, others are hilarious. Each costume is work appropriate, which is also a plus. You can find out specific information on each costume by clicking the Amazon link below each picture.

If you’re looking for more costumes, we have options.

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Top 10 Couples Halloween Costumes on Amazon

#10:Plug and socket-


It’s Electric!

#9:Elf on a Shelf Couples Costume-couples-elves

We can’t wait for Christmas…

#8: Hot Dog and Bun-couples-hot-dog-and-bun

The perfect pair.

#7: Lock and Key-Couples Lock and Key

For those who want to say “key to my heart” and all that gushy crap.

#6: Peanut Butter and Jelly-couples-pbj

Baby, will you be the peanut butter to my jelly?

#5: Milk and Cookie-Couples Milk and Cookie Costume

No one can deny how awesome milk and cookies are. No one.

#4: Wine and Cheese-Couples Wine and Cheese Costume

Ever had wine and cheese? Highly recommended. Both as a food and as a costume.

#3: Dual Nerds Candy Box-couples-nerds-box

If you want to have a literal couples costume, here it is.

#2:Pair of Shoes-Couples Shoe Costume

Can’t have one without the other.


#1: Bacon and Eggs-couples-bacon-and-eggs

Why is this the #1 costume? Because bacon, thats why.

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