A Most Epic Water Balloon Fight

How to have the best water balloon fight of all time- (based on a true story)



It was hot that summer. Hotter than most.

It makes sense that the most epic water balloon fight of all time took place in this awful heat.

The boys in the neighborhood had been getting restless. Tensions were brewing between the kids on the North side of the block, and us on the South side. We had an unspoken respect for each other, and we were more frenemies than anything. The football field divided the neighborhood, and we had rules about crossing the field. North siders hung out with North siders, and South siders with South siders. Those were the rules of our neighborhood, and we never really questioned them.

One especially muggy day in July, me and the other south side fellas were hanging out in our tree fort, reading comic books and making fart jokes.

All of a sudden I heard a splash, and felt a few drips of water land on my shoulder.



I looked to my left. My boy Philip had taken a water balloon to the side of his head. Water was dripping off of him, and his hair was completely soaked. He sat with a confused look on his face for a second, then jumped up as it dawned on him what had happened.

This was the start of the most epic water balloon fight we’ve ever had.

We all stood up and looked over the railing to see one of the Northside kids riding his bike as fast as he could back to the tree fort on the opposite side of the field. Off in the distance, we could hear cheers from the other kids as the North side hero returned home.

All of us looked at each other. There was no way we were going to let them get away with that. After about 2 seconds of discussion we decided to bring the water balloon fight to them.

We all sat and plotted our revenge for a good hour. Our goal was to get them to think we had given up.

Finally, after waiting for what seemed like an eternity, we all climbed down the front of the fort and pretended like we were walking to the corner store. We made a point to walk slowly, so they would hopefully see us walking away.

As soon as we got out of sight, all of us cut through the alley and doubled back toward our homes. Like a military operation, we fanned out and gathered the necessary materials for the most epic water balloon fight we ever had.

How we filled our water balloons in 10 minutes-

Philip had the hookup on balloons. He bought an attachment that let’s you fill up 30 water balloons at one time, so we started to load up.


With this water balloon filler, 3 of us made about 200 balloons in 15 minutes.


While we were filling water balloons, Ben went and grabbed his brothers arsenal of water guns. With Ben’s water guns, we each were able to load up with a Tri-Strike Super Soaker. It  could shoot over 30 feet, and had the range we needed for our covert op.

After all of our preparations, and a cartful of ammo for our water balloon fight, it was time. We split up into 3 groups. I took an armful of balloons and went left, Philip did the same and went right.

The Water Balloon Launcher-

Ben and his brothers stayed behind and set up our secret weapon, the water balloon launcher. This launcher can throw water balloons up to 300 Feet!

Philip and I each snuck through the trees on either side of the field and made our way toward the enemy fort. As we got closer, I could hear the North side kids joking around and laughing. Philip and I crouched low and waited for the signal.

I didn’t have to wait long. Like incoming mortar fire, the first balloon from the water balloon launcher landed on top of the enemy fort. Water exploded off of the roof, and the North side kids scrambled out of the fort in a panic to see what was going on.

This was exactly how we planned our glorious water balloon fight massacre. As soon as they left cover, Philip and myself jumped up and started unloading water balloon after water balloon. Brightly colored round orbs glittered in the sunlight as they hurtled toward their targets.

None of the North side kids had any idea they were in a full blown water balloon fight. All of them had started scrambling in panic. We kept pelting them with balloons until they tried to surrender.

That’s when Philip and I switched to our Super Soakers. We showed no mercy.

Ben and his brothers had arrived at this point, and had brought the cart with a fresh supply of water balloon ammunition. Water was flying every where now.

Philip and I kept squirting until our guns were empty. By now, most of the North side kids had their heads hung taking their justly deserved soaking. They knew they had been bested, and that they deserved this bitter defeat.

Each north side kid was completely drenched from head to toe, and they knew to never again start a water balloon fight with the South side of the block.

If you want your own epic water balloon fight, here are the tools to do it.


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